Twenty8Twelve and Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is more known as a British actress who has starred in many feature films. Other than that, she has also been known to be British actor Jude Law’s one time partner. What other people may know about her though is that she has a sister by the name of Savannah. Together, they have become the positive force behind the fashion label Twenty8Twelve.

Brief history of Twenty8Twelve
Not much can be said about the fashion label Twenty8Twelve since it is quite new to the industry. Even early on, Sienna Miller has opted to concentrate in film and playwriting. It was due to the fact that even during her early years, she has already dreamt of becoming an actress. It was her sister Savannah, however, who was more into fashion design.
As Sienna continued to devote herself to an acting career, Savannah took up fashion design in 2000 in the Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design. It was after her graduation in 2004 when her sister Sienna decided to join her in her venture into the world of fashion.

In 2006, Pepe Jeans took note of the sisters’ designs when they offered to finance a mini-line of clothes under to be solely designed by the Miller sisters. This was the beginning of the girls’ venture into the fashion industry with the birth of their label Twenty8Twelve. The name of the label actually is taken from the birth date of Sienna Miller.

First debut in London fashion week
The Miller sisters introduced went into their very first debut in London fashion week with rave reviews. Their designs featured brought a different kind of appeal with the slouchy but hip-looking clothes accentuated by strong Balmain-esque shoulders. The looks in their designs featured a more rugged feel having cropped trench jackets and rugged khaki parka-like coats. The looks that they featured were ones that were wearable and definitely not meant for the catwalk alone making them highly marketable.
The Miller’s fashion line continues to reap success in the fashion world owing to a mix of fashion styles. Their fashion style is known to be a mixture between Bohemian and Chic which actually represents the dressing style of the two sisters. Although their stores are mainly located in London, their line is continuously gaining recognition worldwide.

Jericho for Spring 2011
The designs for Spring 2011 named Jericho inspired by the Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter album of singer Joni Mitchell. The designs were considered to be highly marketable as it featured bibbed denim skirts and fringed suede dresses amongst others. As what Sienna Miller has stated backstage after the show, “There’s something for the working girl, the casual girl, the festival girl, the London girl.” So it is expected that every kind of girl will definitely find something in the racks from the Twenty8Twelve line.

Sienna Miller’s foray into the fashion industry proves that one need not get stuck in just one area of work or profession. Sienna Miller is indeed a living proof of this.

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