Top 3 fashion designers in the UK

When it comes to picking the top talent in fashion industry within the United Kingdom, making the choice takes longer than expected. British lands are full of talented fashion designers and they are pushing hard for the top spot. However, looking at the sales, the popularity and critics’ appreciation, here are your top 3 fashion designers in the UK.

1. Alexander McQueen: Alexander McQueen needs no introduction for anyone who has an eye on British fashion industry. Even all and sundry know this guy from the fashion industry. With his modest background, it is nothing less than talent at its best that takes Alexander McQueen go past some of the best designers in the entire world. With his unique flavor for fashionable clothing, Alexander McQueen tops the list of top three British fashion designers.

2. Stella McCartney: Stella McCartney has been showcasing her talent since her college days. Her final year collection was picked up by some of the top players in fashion retail. Two years later, she was landed as creative director at Chloe. Since then, she has never looked back exploring the new opportunities, she has been doing what everyone expects her to do. Her fashion sense has made her one of British’s most favorite fashion designers of this era.

3. Christopher Baily: Christopher Baily took every opportunity that came his way. With his love for the art and fashion, he has quickly become the most well-known fashion designer in the UK. He is a house hold name and everyone loves wearing Christopher Baily. However, the success has done nothing wrong to him as he continues delivering trend setting fashion clothing and merchandize.

The list is not exhaustive by any means. British designers are among top designers in the world and it is almost impossible to rank them without filtering ranking with one or two variables.

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