What are the Different Commitment Phobe Traits

Commitment Phobia refers to the fear of a person to be strong enough to commit to their relationships. It can arise from various factors – such as a strong sense of freedom and independence, excessive ambition regarding career or other things, too much concern for privacy or being too busy with life. If you suspect yourself to be suffering from commitment phobia, you should know about the various Commitment phobe traits to be surer of your status.

Having simply noncommittal relationships

In case you have had a number of relationships which have been short-lived, you might be suffering from a scare of commitment. If you are not young and never had any serious or long term relationship, it could be a sign that you are a commitment phobe. If you have had several long-term relationships, none of which transformed into a serious relationship, you might be having commitment issues.

Not making any planning in advance

If you always had a commitment phobia in life, you might be a person who shies away from making advanced planning over a long term. Commitment phobic people generally want to make plans only a short time in advance, but only end up planning on the day of activity. Unless there are some serious compulsions, such people never commit seriously about showing up at a gathering or party. Even if they try to promise to turn up on time at a venue, they are often unable to do so. If you have commitment phobe traits like these, you can be having commitment issues.

Use of modifiers

If you tend to suffer from commitment issues, you will find that you often use modifiers while talking. Generally, commitment phobic people use words which prevent them from committing to almost anything. They use words such as “might”, “could be” or “probably” very often, which ensures they do not have to commit to anything.

Not defining relationships

Commitment phobes also try to avoid defining relationships which can make it unable for other people to know the relation of a man or woman to the person. They do not use terms such as “girlfriend”, “boyfriend” etc, which can clearly demarcate and designate a relationship. They also have difficulties to express their emotions and never use the word “love”. Even when they have deep love for a person, they shy away from showing their affection openly for fear of admitting to a close relationship.


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