Matthew Williamson

He started off as a fresh graduate in 1994 until British Vogue took notice of his scarfs. Everything went downhill from there as he is now the name behind one of the more known fashion powerhouses in the UK. Recently, he has opened his flagship store in the US. He is none other than Matthew Williamson, designer extraordinaire.

The Electric Angels
In 1997, Matthew Williamson caught the eye of the fashion world upon the release of his women’s line, Electric Angels. Created at a time when fashion was going towards more masculine and grayish tones, the Electric Angels line brought the runway to life by introducing vibrant colors such as tangerine, magenta and fuschia along with Indian-inspired designs. These designs were brought to life by then top models Kate Moss, Jade Jagger and Helena Christensen. Since then, his line became a favorite amongst jet-setting Yanks and the U.K.’s biggest names. Since the release of Electric Angels, nothing has stopped Matthew Williamson’s success. In 2004, he has been named as Elle’s Designer of the Year after heaving earned the approval of fashion editors for his dresses made fancy with kaleidoscope prints and patterns. To expand the commercial value of his designs, he has introduced his line in stores such as Debenham’s as well as H&M to accommodate the demands of the mass market as well.

His many inspirations
Matthew Williamson has stated in one interview that he oftentimes derives inspiration from Indian designs which add an exotic touch to his line. But he claims to derive inspiration from almost anything, ranging from prints and beadwork from Africa, geometric shapes from Mexico as well as ice-cream colors from Miami. His continuous travel to different parts of the world continues to inspire him and this continues to give him ideas as to how his next creations will look like.

Designs in 2011
His latest contribution to the world of fashion ranges from handbag designs to collections for Autumn Winter 2011. His handbags, designed for Bulgari’s spring collection, speak very well of what Matthew Williamson is all about as a designer. The vibrant colors are very much seen in his designs. Along with these are the kaleidoscope prints and maxi-jeweled details that pretty much give the handbags a tropical sort of feel. Hexagonal evening bags have also been designed by Williamson as a tribute to Bulgari’s 1950 line, still with the vibrant colors which serve as Matthew Williamson’s signature.
For his autumn winter collection, Matthew Williamson derived inspiration from Russian artist Francisco Infante-Arana. His designs pretty much mirror the wilderness, hence the use of natural furs and feathers against a backdrop of sequins and metal shards.

Matthew Williamson has indeed made a mark in the fashion industry because of his uniqueness. As in all success stories, Williamson has and still continues to defy the norms of the fashion industry as he makes a statement to show that he believes in what he does. As he himself has stated, it is his unwavering belief in his work that has made him last this long in the world of fashion.

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