Low-rise Pants: To Wear or Not To Wear?

Low-rise pants and jeans have become more common in recent years. Otherwise known as lowcut jeans, hipsters, hip-huggers and lowriders, these pair of pants usually sit at least three inches below the navel. This style started around the 1960s although they have become more popular in recent years. This style was made popular by the hippies of that era and these were later made more popular during the disco era. British designer, Alexander McQueen, revived this said style around 1996 and it was singer Britney Spear who pushed for the proliferation of this style through her music videos.

Popularity of low rise cuts
Low rise jeans and pants are mostly popular among teenagers as they are deemed to be |”cool”. With low rise cuts, there is more display of skin, especially when paired with cropped tops or tight fitting shirts.

Losing steam?
In recent years though, low rise cuts have slowly been losing popularity. This may be due to some problems such as an emphasis on muffin tops when wearing low rise cuts. Excess flab usually tends to hang out when one wears low rise cuts and this can be quite common for a many individuals.

Low rise cuts also been getting lower and lower as well. Unsightly displays of underwear and much more usually accompany these really low cuts. With low rise cuts, the only option one has for a top is something that is usually long and which has the ability to cover the waistline. But even then, with low rise cuts, one can never be too careful when stooping down to pick up something from the floor or choosing a chair that completely covers one’s back. This is, of course, unless one is prepared to lose his dignity in one fallen swoop.

Some movie stars also tend to veer away from low rise cuts as well as they only fit individuals of a certain age.

Alternatives to low rise cuts
In recent years, other styles have been slowly re-introduced by fashion designers as alternatives to low rise cuts. High waisted pants are now being offered in the stores although these too may have some problems of their own. High waist pants do have the tendency to bring out a “mommy look” in women if not worn properly. To some, high waist pants can even be quite unflattering. Because of the so-so feedbacks on high-waist pants, fashion designers have recently done overhauls with their designs and offered more styles to accompany high-waist cuts that give the average woman a more tapered look.

Although, low-rise cuts tend to be more daring and more “youthful” in feel, getting away with it is a totally different matter. What would fit a fifteen year old would not necessarily fit a mother of three (although of course, there are exceptions…). It is not for anyone to totally remove this design from the halls of fashion but do bare in mind that it takes a lot of class to get away with it.

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